hottest blonde actress with hottest blonde hairstyle
hottest blonde actress with hottest blonde hairstyle
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Turn offs&Turn On's -the Juicy Stuff

Exert from 2011

Zulie's wicked sense of humor explains alot of her status updates on social websites.Status updates and bloging are entirely too much fun and too tempting-lol  Zulie Perfect wrote this list as a fun way to respond to very silly questions. She gets asked about her likes and favorites so here is that fun response she always gives on social media
Zulie's words-
My turn ons are – lights at night, air conditioning in the summer and appliances. My turn offs- lights during the day and when I leave the room, air conditioning in the winter and appliances when they are smoking.
favorite music – freestyle Yodeling and elevator Musac.
favorite movies- yes ,I have watched my favorite movies with popcorn
favorite book- read it many times
hobbies- dressing my cats- when I can catch them and that gets more difficult with each costume.
Measurments -I have them including 34 dd
Who I’d like to meet: -why not shoot for the sky
a Martian from Venus, a well trained pink elephant wearing a floppy blue hat with a purple flower and what the heck even the invisible man with an empty stomach because if I could see through him,I wouldn't want to see half digested food of course  - Ew gross!
David Spade made the invisble man wish come true in the movie Hotel Translyvania. You can read about that in my blog.:)
Heroes- Thermoman


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