hottest blonde actress with hottest blonde hairstyle
hottest blonde actress with hottest blonde hairstyle
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Trivia including Videos with Brad Pitt, Magic City and more

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  • Actors , Actresses and models  alike have been enjoying Zulie's work as a  celebrity blogger since 2010.
  • The famous yodeling skit that actors Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt did was Brad's way of publicly teasing Zulie. Zulie Perfect had made it publicly known, as a joke, that her favorite music was freestyle yodeling shortly before they did the skit together. Zulie posted her love of the unique music on several websites including her own. She wrote funny blogs and posted wild yodeling vidoes that she foudn online in the blogs.  Celebrities Jimmy Fallon and Brad came up with the idea to make fun of the concept she was promoting. They both thought it was funny and it was a wink to others who might catch the inside joke. If you want to know more about Brad's yodeling  skit and the link with Zulie Perfect check out the celebrity blog "Brad Pitt's Love Notes"
  • During about the same time that the Brad Pitt did the Yodeling skit on Jimmy Fallon, he also did the sexy Chanel 5 commercial. Zulie has been linked with using Chanel 5 and only Chanel 5 on several social media sites including her own. It's public knowledge that she likes the perfume. Zulie Perfect has shot images using the famous fragrance. Once again, Brad was sending a message out that he was still close with Zulie. It was another wink to those who knew both of them. If you watch the commercial knowing this, you will enjoy it even more. Brad always calls Zulie Evonne. Brad Pitt and Zulie Perfect are still close. Their relationship will become public knowledge in an interview that has already been paid for. That interview will be released at the discretion of Brad and Zulie.
  • Zulie Perfect had the opportunity in (March 2010) to be involved with Magic City(2012&2013). According to the screenwriter the original cast was confirmed to be  an all star celebrity line up of actors and actresses. Edward James Olmos as Jack Gomez, Lou Gosset Jr as Chief Garvey and Melanie Griffith was in talks considering joining the cast to portray another of the lead characters in the tv show Magic City. The actress and model within Zulie Perfect was impressed with the script and excited about the potential. Working the the cast and crew was very appealing. Zulie was unable to make the trips at that time and her family was not able to relocate. Don Johnson was made aware of that and Zulie graciously declined the offer, but it was not an easy decision. The show was meant for another channel, but it changed at some point and Starz broadcast it.
Magic City Mafia TV shows starring hot blonde actresses Magic City -part of the history of the show.Thanks Don Johnson :)
  • Another Tv Show that Zulie found did not quite fit but she left her mark was "Ocho Cinco- The Ultimate Catch"(July 2010- September 10). The producers felt portraying a single woman when she was married with children might confuse her family so everyone agreed it was better to let it go. They were aware she was married when they brought Zulie in ,but the interest was strong so Zulie Perfect was brought in and they met her husband.
VH-1 dating shows like the Bachelor Ocho Cinco Ultimate Catch Release Form
  • As Evonne Perfect, Zulie Perfect or Zulie was part of M.Chatfield Social Agents dating service. All clients were throughly screened. The service was featured on Oprah's TV show called "How the Rich and Famous Meet and Marry." I was set up with a Comptroller of an international multimillion dollar company, he was named Tony and the former youngest head of the New York Merchantile Stock Exchange named Michel. I remained friends with Tony for years.
  • Zulie's social appearances are usual using her birth name of Evonne. That name is also the name that the Democratic Party uses in reference to Zulie and the work I have done. Actors , Actresses and models  alike have been enjoying Zulie Perfect's work as a celebrity blogger since 2010. She began filming youtube videos in 2010. Zulie Perfect began doing public appearances and on stage performances in 2008 as Zulie. The crowds she performed for knew her only as Zulie her stage name and modeling name attributed with reaching hundreds of thousands of people via her downloads ,frequent public appearances on stage, modeling events and through several social media outlets some private social websites including those in social, recreational,artistic and other websites. Zulie Perfect's appearances at tradeshows began when she was in her early twenties. It has been almost 10 years since Zulie,Zulie Perfect, stepped out on the stage infront of standing room only crowds. Her reputation as a dancer brought celebrities, and unknowns from as far as Portland, Oregon and all over the US to see her perform.
  • She has been practicing Yoga and Mindfulness meditation for years. 
  • Did you know it was Evonne's teasingly calling Ricky Gervais "Jane's boy toy" on twitter and directly to Ricky Gervais that inspired his famously hilarious response to Evonne in BAFTA ceremony speech October 2016. Ricky jokingly spoke about his elegant partner Jane Fallon as not contributing to his career or in fact doing anything at all. Zulie Perfect isn't the only one who teases Ricky Gervais. Ricky's public response was a wink to those who follow him on twitter who would have seen on the twitter account Evonne Perfect referencing Ricky as Jane's boy toy several times on twitter before the BAFTA awards and after the awards' response speech from Ricky Gervais. Several of Ricky's twitter audience had loved the idea that it was Jane who was the real bread winner in the family and Ricky was her arm candy. Reversing the roles of Ricky Gervais and Jane Fallon was a popular concept. Evonne had suggested through twitter that it was Jane Fallon who wrote all of Ricky's material and Ricky just delivered. We all know Jane has a great sense of humor. Ricky is a comedic genius and his talents are very obvious to everyone together in the future and they both have discussed it.  Ricky Gervais has known Evonne Perfect for several years they met when Ricky was in the US working on film negotiations. Brad Pitt is the one who introduced them. Ricky Gervais and Evonne, as Zulie, Zulie Perfect or another character, would love to work on a project.
  • Zulie is an accomplished artist who enjoys creating art based upon spirituality, whismy, and humor. The focus of the piece depends upon her direction and inspiration at the time. She has even been known to add flying pigs to her art or mooning chickens. On a serious note , some of the pieces are made to reflect the Spirituality of life that is so important to her at all times. Here is an example of one piece in the very start of being transformed into a watercolor piece.
Watercoloring pianting of the beautiful woman named Marie Laveau of New Orleans Beautiful watercolor artwork of Marie Laveau

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