hottest blonde actress with hottest blonde hairstyle
hottest blonde actress with hottest blonde hairstyle
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Zulie Perfect

Zulie is available for acting, voiceover, singing , dance, spokesmodel, accents, character development and improvisation as well. She works with a talented photographer and videographer that can make many projects come to life.


Zulie has done tv interviews for the local affilates in two states,radio shows interviews, trade films  and product endorsement on location films and related films as well as her own youtube videos . Even the video from her first theatrical role was circulating in Hamilton Township by  the school district for years after the orginal performance as hired actors and hired staff were used in the production.


Winter 2010, while in downtown Chicago on business, Zulie  was asked by the Farmer's Bureau to give an interview for a trade video. In the interview she  spoke about the need to decrease chemicals , increase organic and free range farming. It was an on the street location shoot.she enjoyed the opportunity since she is a big advocate of the benefits of healthy organic and green lifestyle.


Zulie enjoys creating playful characters to the amusement of her family and friends in private settings and even in bars, public events and other outings. She has transformed into characters with accents from far away places (most often in bars settings for fun), or character spin offs from people she saw in tv. Much to the amusement of her company, the people who did not know Zulie did not realize it was a game. A sort of street performance acting developed as a hobby from time to time. Zulie was able to use that skill in order to stay in focused, factual frame of mind when facing opposition at political events and rallies. 


Consulting work on Spirituality, Paranormal activity, divine interactions, spontaneous healings, Mindfulness and other psychic phenomena. With her varied background she has a variety of topics that she has become well versed on.She always has some wild adventures and amazing memories to share. 

Zulie  doesn't want to be linked with anyone because they are using a similair name to hers.

Zulie Perfect is a US registered trademark #4299946

Evonne began acting as a preteen at Grice Middle School, New Jersey in the stage production of Oliver. Evonne  was Nancy in the musical.

Being a model has always been a way of life for Zulie. At an early age, Evonne worked as a model with a photographer who used her images to compete and win photography contests. Zulie's husband is a talented photographer and artist..They often work together. Ohio, New York, Chicago, Kentucky ,Pennsylvania and other states are places Zulie Perfect has done professionally modeling work.

Evonne performed in Swan Lake and other formal dance recitals. She danced in Swan Lake at the War Memorial Theatre in Trenton NJ with the rest of my dance school Miss Beverly's Dance Studio -Hamilton ,New Jersey.

Zulie has done radio interviews as  Zulie Perfect and as herself Evonne with local Stations such as NPR and a country music station in Columbus(92.3 fm) at event such as the Arnold Classic Tournament (March 5,2010)and as an environmental activist who spoke before Columbus City Council.(October 2001)

TV Interviews local Pittsburgh news were done in April 2008 as a volunteer for the Hillary campaign. Zulie was interviewed by one of the nightly news reporters for the local affiliates at the Pittsburgh Hillary Campaign Headquarters after a Soap Opera Star gave her endorsement at the morning press conference. The second Media coverage that weekend was at the "Honk and Wave" in the downtown shopping area. One example of Media coverage event Zulie was involved in was February 12, 2008 at the Westin Hotel, Columbus, Ohio. the media event was to announce Governor Ted Strickland's and Former Senator John Glenn's endorsement of Hillary Clinton.The Westin Hotel is also the same Hotel in Columbus, where Zulie, now known as Zulie Perfect, attended a Playboy Event, met Kyle Gass after running into his band several times that weekend and she enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with Chelsea Clinton. The Westin has excellent organic food.


Zulie Perfect, having observed that name changing in the Industry can create profits by creating confusion, is considering changing her name to Nancy Drew. The idea of becoming someone else's identity somehow seems beneath her since acting is an art that relies on talent and singing is the same.


March 5, 2008 Zulie was covered by the media during Hillary's Celebration Party by invitation only in Columbus Ohio when she won the state of Ohio in 2008. She was on the stage in the lower level front row. Both Hillary and Chelsea stopped to talk to me briefly before moving on to the Podium to speak. In Columbus, Ohio Zulie gave interviews for Healthcare Reform on several occasions with the local news. One example was at The Town Hall meeting given at Ohio State University on August 12,2009. She was interviewed by several reporters on my feelings about Healthcare Reform and my response to the way the Tea Party was reacting to it. Another Healthcare Reform interview Zulie Perfect did aired on the local nightly news in Columbus,Ohio. The interview was held at a Healthcare Reform Phone Bank that she was involved with at Colin's Coffee in Upper Arlington.

During volunteer work, Zulie has enjoyed spending time with John and Annie Glenn, Ted and Frances Strickland, Lee Fisher, Sean Astin, Matthew Morrison, Pat Schroeder, Catherine Heigl, Martin Sheen, Sherrod Brown, Mary Jo Kilroy, Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, some of the members of the cast of Heroes and other Democratic Party leaders. She has held several volunteer titles such as National Field Advisor with Organizing For America, Staging Director and other titles as a political activist.


2004 Zulie, before she became known as Zulie, worked with her partner Mark directly with the armorers and technical consultants that worked on Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, Island at War, Enemy at the Gates and others. We handled the sale and positioning of the props used as well as the original historical pieces. Tom Hanks and Stephen Spielberg were aware that we were working with the pieces used in their films and both were very pleased and proud to be working with us. The rapport between  the little company and Tom and Stephen was built by the armorers who respected our work and knowledge. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith was one of their well known clients. One prop gun went to one of the Arizona State Police. They received one of two stuntman's gun used in Saving Private Ryan and band of Brothers. Some of the guns or props were placed in Museums in the UK all accordance with UK laws deacts and US laws. Armorers are legal experts, mechnical experts as well as historical experts in their fields. They are some of the smartest people you could ever meet.


Zulie has dance training in Ballet, Tap , Jazz, Hula, Belly,and many other forms of dance.


Zulie's teaching skills include aerobics,boot camp aerobics, body sculpting, belly dancing. She has lectured at 1 International Convention on Natural Foods, in school and libraries on the same subject.

Zulie  lectured at Oregon State University Women's Center in October 2006 on spirituality because of her  understanding of paranormal activity and her deep held belief in the presence of angels in her  life.

November 2009 Zulie Perfect was asked to participate in ceremonies involving the famous Hougan Max Beauvoir. Zulie stayed with him in Haiti.


Zulie's views in the modeling industry hit 1.5 million in 2013. To clarify Zulie Perfect has made public appearances as Zulie since 2008 at tradeshows including one with several Playmates such as Kara Monaco and Cathy St. George, on stage and at public events such as the Ohio State Fair and in store locations.

Spokesmodel/tradeshow work and public appearances for companies like Zia Cosmetics, Hero Nutritionals, Nutrition Now, and Champion Nutrition in stores such as Whole Foods and Wild Oats and tradeshows such as NPA/MAHO, Natural Products East and others. Zulie Perfect appearance and tradeshow work involved the folowing states Ohio, Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan and Illinois.

Zulie's current social media reach currently is over 60,000 between websites, modeling connections, myspace,youtube and other social networks


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August 21,2008 Zulie's artwork was seen in items in the Red Carpet Bags used at Hot in Hollywood. Here is an article on Hot In Hollywood. There were more celebrities at the event then what the article lists.  She was invited to work on other Film Festivals in Hollywood as a contributor. I contribute regular artwork to other charities. The donations are made through Fairy Neuf.


Adventures in Platinum Blondeum and Blondesense are her creations blogs and humor writings. Zulie wrote 1 book,current version unseen, yet sold. The book will be published as part of a series. Details to come :)

Her religion supports the belief in reincarnation.Christianity is an important part of Zulie's lifestyle and devotional quotes and humor much the same as her Patron Saint St Philip Neri - Patron Saint of Comedians. Her birthdate is the traditional day of St Philip Neri's Feast Day. He was also one of the flying Saints who believed being near to God was being joyful and having fun. Zulie has memories of other celebrities that they share they both remember. Those shared confirmed memories solidified her belief in past lives. The important people in  Zulie Perfect's past lives like her fathers, mothers, sisters, husbands, uncles, grandparents ,children and others all share the same memories of her. The memories appear to Evonne as flashbacks that the people in her past lives all have seen on their own, but mutually confirm the same flashbacks of each other.

National Art Honors Society for my art.- Northern Burlington High School Columbus,NJ Art Major- Kean College 
Jr high,High School (Northern Burlington High School Columbus,New Jersey -Mrs Valerie Gargus) and college training(Ohio State University Columbus,Ohio) in theater. Improvisation training in high school and college including use of accents in the creation of characters.

The Interviews relating to Brad and Peyton have been sold. They will be released to the public and everything will be come public knowledge at the some point in the future at the time that Brad and Zulie Perfect agree and at the time that Peyton and Zulie Perfect agree. Zulie's relationship with Peyton began before she became Zulie. When she was referred to as Evonne. Peyton still calls Zulie Evonne. Zulie is currently working on other projects. Evonne is happily married to Harvey Richardson since 2008. 

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