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hottest blonde actress with hottest blonde hairstyle
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Zulie's Exercise, Makeup and other tips !!

I have been an active runner since a kid. In school , I ran Cross Country for awhile but mostly I enjoyed the freedom of puttign on my shoes and go... I still run daily. 


Soccer and softball are another sports I enjoy playing. Atheletic is definitely my nature.


Yoga has been a constant for about 20 years. I often practice daily. Even if it is only for 10 minutes, Yoga is a breath of fresh air. I enjoy the relaxation, the stretching with breath and the peacefulness that Yoga brings to my day.


I enjoy boxing. Aeroboxing and using my punching bag or speed bag is a fun part of my routine.


We all know how much I LOVE my trampoline. It is great to put on some 80's -90's workout music and sweat. I have found combing jumping with some boxing drills is really freeing. I also love to put on the cartoon movies and jump away !!


This is an overview of some of my favorite exercise routines. I will go into more detail in the future with tips, favorite products, and more fun!!




beautiful model using a celebrity favorite  Mascara Long eyelashes in a selfie

My Favorite Mascara 

My go to mascara is a huge cult favorite. Too Faced makes the famous Better Than Sex Mascara. It truly make your lashes pop out. Nicole Kidman agrees with me.. When she bats her eyes at her handsome husband Keith, Better than Sex is often a part of her look. The cameras adore it. Keeping Keith attention is easy when you are flaunting some of the best peepers in the world. My husband knows when I want to get his attention a few coats of this mascara and a couple of winks,  well lests say it gets great results. Flirting with my husband is always fun. I was just doing that last night until we both started cracking up,but that might have been my antics at the time of trying to roll his pants up to his knees. We spend a lot of time playing with each other and silly games are a part of what makes us both smile.

Better Than Sex Mascara is fanastic. I simply love the trial size because it means I have fresh mascara any time I need . The length is great as the color coats each lash and extends the look while staying put all day long. The mascara removes easily with a small amount of eye make up remover.

The best mascara for anytime day or night Too Faced Mascara A Nicole Kidman Favorite
Celebrities love Too Faced Products for all the right reasons Nicole Kidman with that Better Than Sex Look with Keith

My typical Exercise Routine 

Each day, I spend 62 minutes on the dreadmill. It is better known as the treadmill. I typically run 30 to 45 minutes and walk at fast pace for the remaining hour. My cooldown is very short. I only do a 2 minute cooldown and my warm up is usually not on the treadmill. I enjoy doing Pilates or a Boxing Bag routine as my warm up. Boxing has become a popular workout for many celebrities and models. Several Victorias Secret Models also enjoy boxing. Boxing has taken Hollywood by storm. I find boxing is a great release with many benefits. I will go into the benefits of boxing in a later posting.


I keep my coconut water with a splash of pompengraten juice on the treadmill . By using a straw, I am able to drink it as I run. Straws have become my little trick to keeping hydrated and comfortable while I run. I sometimes take 1 day off from running to use my bike or the step. Cardio Boxing is another workout I switch it up with if I am not running. 


I will do my Yoga at night before bedtime. The amount of time varies from 10 minutes to 48 minutes of Yoga almost every day. 

Benefit High beam is a favorite product of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Minoque My favorite Benefit Highlighter a celebrity favorite

My favorite Benefit makeup product is High Beam. I love the light shimmer it gives to the skin and it is a great combination product. High Beam can be used as an eyeshadow, mixed with foundation or a highlighter. They say Kim Kardashian and Kylie Minogue agree with that High Beam works wonders since they both swear by it. Nicole Kidman likes to use Benefit Benetint for the same multipurpose that I like to use Benefit's High Beam. Nicole Kidman uses it on her cheeks or her lips. I find that Benetint is a great natural looking product that gives you a nice rosey look and in a pinch it fits nicely into a small evening bag. 

Makeup tips of celebrities and models Benetint a celebrity makeup favorite

My favorite go to foundation- I simply cannot say enough good stuff about Too Faced Born this Way Foundation. I love the stuff. It goes on so smoothly and it feels great on the skin. The added coconut water is wonderfully healthy. It is a long wearing foundation with great coverage but not heavy coverage. I think Too Faced hit the mark with its design. Clean and green is my way for makeup so it is paraben, sulfate, and free of harmful makeup additives.

I am using Too Faced Foundation in this image and yup I am smiling because I like the way it feels on my face. Heavy foundation is heavy. 


model wearing too faced born this way foundation with a beautiful smile Too Faced Born this Way Foundation

Easy Boxing Techniques for beginners- If you are new to boxing, I would recommend starting with some Cardio Boxing videos. Youtube has a variety of them available. They are a simple way to explore your first combos and to learn the terms. Cardio boxing is very different than heavy bag boxing . The benefits of the Cardio boxing starting it you can discover if you like the boxing experience before you invest in the heavy bags which cost over $200. Cardio boxing is a good way to take a small step forward and see how you like it.


Boxing itself has many benefits including reducing tension by literally getting the weight off your shoulders as you swing out the stress. Boxing also solves the fight or flight response that sometimes builds up in people. Many popular models, actresses and movie stars have began to take up boxing for a variety of reasons. 


I do feel boxing is a great addition to any workout routine especially when combined with Yoga. I will go more into how Yoga and boxing combine so well towards a peaceful , joyful ,healthy lifestyle. 


By the way, my bag is an Everlast red 70 pound bag. You want a bag that is half your weight. Since my other family members use it, we decided to get the 70 pound bag. It is more than half my weight but it works well.

celebrity exercise and workout tips for models and athletes boxing bag Pink Boxing bag for a great workout

Boxing Gloves- Just like a good a pair of running shoes , the investment you put into a good pair of boxing gloves pays off . You can walk away cheap, get a set for $20 but you will feel each hit and the damage to your knuckles is not worth it.If you are sparring, then you really want to make sure you have good gloves and so  does your partner. Everlast and Venum are well known for quality gloves. I would suggest putting in at least $50 into a good pair. In the long run , you will be glad you did it. 

My favorite Lip Plumper-

I love Buxom Lip Plumper Lipgloss .It gives me a nice full lip and it has a great taste. Not that you're suppose to eat it-lol. If I want a bit extra plump, I  will add a tiny (andI mean tiny) bit of cinnamon oil to my finger and spread it on my lips before I add the Buxom gloss. The difference after you add the tiny bit of cinnamon is amazing. I have even used cinnamon in homemade lip plumpers. Cinnamon is one of the few ingredients that are used to give the lips a full kissable look that is sought after. I bought this great kit from Sephora. It is a great deal on a variety of shades.


Buxom Lips Christmas Gift Idea

My favorite Yoga Pose-

My favorite Yoga pose would be Shavasana- just kidding. If you are familiar with Yoga then you will get the humor in that statement. Shavasana pose in Yoga is simply lying on your back with your legs and arms comfortably apart. It is defintiely the easiest. When you look at it from the standpoint of it signifies  the end of your Yoga routine and  it also is when you can most easily feel the benefits of the poses you have accomplished. I suppose in the sense that it is when you feel the most relaxed during a Yoga routine, then making it my favorite pose would make sense. However, I do enjoy the Bear Pose, Warrior Pose, the Tree Pose and the Eagle Pose. I tend to find myself in tree pose without even thinking about it. To me tree pose is very comfortable . If I am working on something that requires me to stand up in then I often simply do it. Of course , strking a pose as they say is not something to do in the Grocery or at an event. If you like the pose,then using  it any time you like is fun. Tree pose is seen below- not my art by the way.It is imply here for illustration. That is me in the photo goofing off striking my Tree Yoga pose. 

Me goofing off in Tree Pose
Nails Inc Unicorn Duo - fun nail polish

Unicorn Festive Nail Polish

I just discovered Nails Inc nail polish. I love it. It goes on so smooth and the larger brush covers my nail in one sweep. It dries very quickly . It is 7 free meaning it is free of the 7 toxic chemicals in nail polish.

 I bought the Unicorn Collection. I LOVE the colors. It changes in the light from a turquiose to perwinkle to a pretty pink. I also like it as a topcoat . It looks great over a black matte nail polish. I know I will be trying more Nail Inc products. I got mine at 


My after workout drink to replace electrolytes-

I love Coconut water and a splash of Pompengrate juice. Cocount water has a good amount of potassium. The Pompengrate adds the pretty pink color,but it also adds some antioxiants. If I am running on the "dreadmill" then I put my cup in the cupholder with a straw in it so I can sip away while I keep in stride.

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