hottest blonde actress with hottest blonde hairstyle
hottest blonde actress with hottest blonde hairstyle
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Actress, model, comedian, artist, and celebrity blogger



Zulie is one of the wildest actresses, comedians or models in the entertainment  industry. Her energy is part of what makes her unique to so many. Zulie Perfect has an outgoing and charismatic personality. She is capable of saying and doing things at any moment in order to make people laugh. Zulie's is known for fun spirited dialogues with many celebrity actors,actresses and comedians including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, David Spade, Peyton Manning, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Ricky Gervais to name a few keeps them jumping. They all love every minute of the fun she creates. Some of the fun and antics are recounted in Zulie Perfect's celebrity blogs. Her spirit, sense of humor and looks make her one of the hottest blondes. 


Exciting new website is in the works. New content and new images to be released...  


Zulie has done tv interviews for the local affilates in two states ,radio shows interviews, trade films  and product endorsement on location films and related films as well as her own youtube videos . Zulie Perfect achieved over 1.5 million views and downloads within a short period of time. Even the video from her first theatrical role was circulating in Hamilton Township by the school district for years after the orginal performance as hired actors and hired staff were used in the production.


Photos and videos at the bottom of this page :) Zulie's  wedding anniversary is September 15 not September 12.



 Zulie has been the source of several Hollywood movies and tv shows because there is nobody like her in the entertainment business. Zulie is used as inspiration by celebrity actors, actresses and comedians alike. Comedian Daniel Tosh uses her as a resource for some of his comedy shows. Comedian and actor Ricky Gervais quotes Zulie from time to time. Zulie Perfect's celebrity blogging including her modeling images, art and insight is itself is an influence in Hollywood


Zulie is a unique actress and model with a flamboyant comedic style. Having dated some of Hollywood's most famous celebrity actors and comedians, gives Zulie Perfect a unique sexiness that many find liberating. You will be able to read her story when the details are released in an upcoming magazine article and see them on the big screen in a movie based upon her writings.  Zulie Perfect's Celebrity Blogs on actresses,actors, and comedians give you a bit of the inside scoop on what goes on in Hollywood involving Zulie and her friends.  Acting and modeling began at a young age for Zulie. Becoming a celebrity blogger became a natural extension of Zulie's modeling, acting, and her lifestyle.

Zulie's favorite photographer is her husband. The two of them can work on any project even on short notice. The creative chemistry between them, as model /wife and photographer/husband, allows them to create drama and beautiful modeling images and videos. Zulie and Harvey are always willing to review interesting assignments.


 Zulie's birthname is Evonne Perfect. She has been known all over as Zulie since 2008. Zulie is a Christian name that was given to her by her Godfather Max. She has 3 children Olivia, Adam and Sabrina.  Evonne's pyschic abilities are another thing that makes Zulie unique.


A little video fun Zulie had with her family. Zulie Perfect enjoys improvization often and making people laugh is a big part of the fun. The voice you hear squealing in the background is her daughter. Zulie even though her friends and family are use to her many impromtu performances and wild sense of humor, at times she catches them off guard.Getting people to laugh so hard they accidently spit out their drinks is part of her laughing scale. Each reaction created by laughter is on the scale. This is one example of Zulie's fun lifestyle. I hope it makes you smile.



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